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Santa Rosa Fire Update

As you know, FlashCo has a plant and corporate offices in Santa Rosa, California. Santa Rosa and surrounding areas have been devastated by fires. Fortunately, our facilities are outside of the main fire zones and have been unharmed. Our primary focus has been on the safety of our staff and their families. At this time, we do not have direct reports from our staff of injuries, or lost residences due to the fires.

Santa Rosa and local communities are very tight-knit and all of us have family members, friends and loved ones who have been impacted by these fires. The devastation is widespread and local neighborhoods, buildings and infrastructure have been decimated. Our hearts go out to those affected by the fires and we’re proud to be a part of the community effort to aid those in need. While the sudden nature of the fires and their damage are tragic, we’re heartened by the immediate actions of the first responders and the many stories of heroism throughout the area that saved so many lives.

Unfortunately, the fires continue to burn in the areas around Santa Rosa and in neighboring towns, and counties, and many evacuations are still in effect. We will remain vigilant in our efforts to help keep our staff, their families and our communities safe from harm. FlashCo was founded in Sonoma County and the strength and resilience of our community and its residents has been a major part of our success. These fires will take months and years to overcome and we know that as difficult as it seems now, our people and our communities will be up to the challenge.

FlashCo has lines of communication open to all of our facilities throughout the country. We have mobilized our resources from our plants in Los Angeles, Woodland, Chicago and Piedmont to handle orders from our customer and partners. However, we do expect to have some increased production and transit times due to the challenging conditions as we get our Santa Rosa operations back up to full strength. We will be working directly with customers and partners to ensure all needs are met.

Please feel free to contact us via email, or 866-323-5274. We thank you for your support.

How You Can Help
The city of Santa Rosa has urged people to donate to the United Way of Wine Country’s Relief Fund.

You can also donate to the Red Cross, here:

Greg Morrow  | President