Roofing Systems

FlashCo Fabricates Roof Flashings for a wide Range of Roofing Systems


TPO Roofing Systems

FlashCo provides 60 mil unreinforced and reinforced single-ply membranes for TPO commercial systems.


PVC Roofing Systems

PVC accessories provide long-lasting commercial roofing performance and reliability.


BUR Roofing Systems

FlashCo is the leader in flashings for BUR commercial roofing systems.


Tile Roofing Systems

Tile roofing accessories provide a clean, finished appearance for residential applications.


Shingle Roofing Systems

FlashCo has a wide range of products and materials to meet any residential shingle roof need.

The FlashCo Difference

For many roofing jobs, roof flashings represent 5% of the job cost, but 20% of the job time. FlashCo helps save 50%, or more of this time with pre-fabricated accessories, allowing the contractor to finish quicker and move valuable workers to new jobs.

FlashCo Roofing products offer several distinct advantages to the roofing contractor.

  1. SPEED: Roofing contractors can get jobs done faster with FlashCo products that eliminate the need for costly field fabrication.
  2. HIGHER QUALITY: FlashCo products are manufactured in a factory controlled environment ensuring higher quality and finish of the roofing accessories.
  3. APPEARANCE: With FlashCo, the roofing accessories are tied into the roofing system giving a more finished and complete appearance.
  4. PRODUCT PERFORMANCE: FlashCo flashings significantly reduce the chance for failure adding to the roof longevity and FlashCo flashings are backed by an industry-leading warranty.
  5. EXPERTISE: With over twelve years in the roof flashing business, FlashCo is well known for its product innovations, fabrication methods and fast delivery — giving you time-tested and proven results.