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We are focused on Saving the Contractor Time by providing prefabricated roof flashing and accessories for TPO, PVC, BUR, Shingle and Tile roofing systems. Our accessories install much faster than field fabricating accessories and allow you to get off the roof sooner. In addition, our plants are located throughout the US, enabling 50% of our orders to be shipped within one day and 90% of our orders within 3 days. See for yourself why we can help you save time and money on your next job.


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FlashCo will be relocating plants to Chicago and Los Angeles

chicago-la“Speed is a big part of our brand promise at FlashCo, and having our own delivery service is one of the keys to providing the best service in the industry” says Greg Morrow, President of FlashCo. “These new plant locations put us closer to more of our distributors and their contractors. This goal aligns perfectly with our brand promise and mission to save the contractor time.”

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FlashCo® Branding Initiative

From: Greg Morrow

FlashCo Bramding InitiativeI am pleased to announce that effective April 18, 2016, FlashCo will begin branding its TPO and PVC Prefabricated Accessories with a permanent mark. [FlashCo®] will be the identification mark permanently debossed into the membrane of the prefabricated part.

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Prefabricated Accessories: What Are the Warranty Implications?

Building owners have a reasonable expectation that a professional roofing contractor understands the roofing system manufacturer’s requirements when installing a roofing system which is to receive a No Dollar Limit Warranty (NDL).  Single Ply manufacturers require roofers to be approved to install their systems.  In order to gain this approval, the roofing applicator will require training to become qualified in the installation of the specific manufacturers roof system, and to understand the requirements for the system to receive a warranty.  Manufacturers invest heavily in their contractors to ensure quality installations that will provide building owners a long-term solution to their roofing needs.

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